Tips and Ways to Speed Up A Computer System

As the computer mature, the system also slows down. You can notice for quite some time that your computer gets difficulty loading folders, files and other websites as well. When it does freezes, it’s about to tell you something. A problem exists in the program and needed an urgent attention from the user. If you are a windows user, most likely you will about to experience those. Not because windows have ineffective system but for the reason that most of the cases comes from the users of windows. That only shows windows are well-liked by millions of people. Fortunately, there are also ways to speed up computer system.

Let us discuss first the numerous causes why our computer system beginning to slow down when it ages. First, the system might be tainted by harmful viruses, adware, and malwares. These computer viruses do much serious damage on the system. Sometimes, simple blockages of dust in the hardware can slowdown the computer system. Even a collection of system error can cause computer freezing. Not only that, because we are fond of installing too many software application; some of it are forgotten over time that are left stored in the disk space without any use. Since disk spaces are filled up, systems are having a hard time opening applications. All these troubles if resolve can speed up computer system.

Being a common people is not a hindrance in troubleshooting to speed up PC system. The following tips below are made simpler so everyone can be benefited. Also, if encountered any unfamiliar problems, you can always stop and ask for the assistance of a computer technician.

Tips to speed up computer system:

Make sure your hardware is sufficient
In order to have a reliable speedy computer system, your hardware must have the best bundled package in it such as processor, the operating memory and hard drive. If not, process to speed up computer system mat not as effective as it must be.

Clean up your desktop
Your desktop must be free from unwanted and unnecessary files. These files eat up available disk space thus making your computer slow.

Scan your windows for errors
To speed up computer system, use system file checking tool to clean and repair your computer from system errors it could find.

Scan for viruses, adware, and malware
Installation of anti-virus software is the only way out in this problem. A good quality anti-virus can detect and eliminate those spywares and malwares that are built to destroy system.

Uninstall unused programs
Programs that are no more important to the user must be removed from the system. Again, windows memory has a limited disk space only and if loaded with unnecessary files, the computer will slow down. Uninstall everything that is not vital to speed up computer system.

These simple tips to speed up computer system could go a lo

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Inside a Computer – Computer Components

Computer the best machine that helps to solve the longest calculations and has automated the most tire some processes is build up of the basic components such as a central processing unit, disk drives, keyboard, monitor, mother board and other such important components that functions parallel with each other. The functions of each of these basic components are different and are very important for proper functioning of the computer that ultimately proves useful to us. Computer system consists of input and output devices, however he basic components of a computer system are:Central Processing Unit – Concisely known and understood as the CPU, this unit is the brain of any computer system. A computer system cannot exist without the CPU and this is because it contains all the sub basic units such as the arithmetic unit and others that performs all the mathematical and other operations.Motherboard – This is the part of the computer to which all the hardware is connected to. It consists of processors and other sub processors that perform very important memory related operations. There are various kinds of motherboard available depending on the configuration of computer system required.Random Access Memory – This part of the computer system also widely known as RAM is connected to the motherboard. As quite obvious from the name itself, RAM stores the data temporarily and the data stored also can be accessed from RAM. Data from here can be moved to a permanent storage such as compact disks and hard disks.Monitor – This is also considered as the most versatile and important part of a computer system and is one of the output devices. This is the part where user can see and input the desired results and data to the computer. The various operations that are desired and the result of any mathematical calculation can be viewed on the monitor. In short, this is the user interface through which the user and the computer can communicate to each other.Keyboard – Keyboard is an input device component through which a user can input the data and this data can be of any type depending on the type of input. The use of keyboard can be varied depending upon the type of use. For example it can also be used as a gaming device while playing games etc.
Hard Drive – The data that was stored temporarily in the RAM can be moved and stored in the hard disk drives. The size of the hard disk drives can be varied depending upon the use and the requirement of the user.Disk Drives – These can be considered to be an optional component of a computer system. If a user needs to read a data from a floppy drive, USB drive or a compact disk drive then disk drives can be installed, again depending upon the use and requirement of the user.
The above mentioned components when assembled properly forms a computer system that can be used for various purposes such as basic office record keeping, surfing internet, communication, automation of works etc.

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